Bad Fall Fashions. 

Violence against women is now being used to sell candy. Why am I not surprised. ##Patriarchy


Bad Fall Fashions. 

Violence against women is now being used to sell candy. Why am I not surprised. ##Patriarchy



someone explain the whole fucking “metaphor” thing to me

A metaphor is the glue that binds together ideas.

That was a bad metaphor, as an example.




Like the Warrior Women of Olde (Whom We Will Provide Historical Evidence for Once We Find It), Camia Gamet struck down her penis wielding cishetmale boyfriend.

He had it coming, of course.

You know what, fuck it. I can’t even keep this up. She had a history of beating the shit out of her boyfriend until she finally killed him, at one point repeatedly assaulting him with a fucking hammer. Nobody intervened. Nobody helped. There was no shelter he could go to. He cried for help while she repeatedly stabbed him to death.

***And if we had gender-neutral laws and equal-access shelters, this would not have happened.*** This is one of thousands, tens of thousands of deaths that could be prevented. This blood is on the hands of feminist lobbyists and feminist policymakers. Tens of thousands of names like this, stories like this. There is a reason that this is important, there is a price of human lives until we get real equality, actual equality, and not the sham that feminism has been peddling.

(Asterisks and bold emphasis in the first sentence of the last paragraph added by me.)


I volunteer at a “family shelter” that until recently was exclusively reserved for women and children. The men’s shelter in our area received less than half of the public funding that ours does and eventually it was closed all together, leaving men with children no local options.

I saw men, literally battered and bloody, turned away. Sure, the center offered to keep their kids though… 'No, it's cool man. We'll take your kids and put them into the CPS system. You can figure out how to jump through all those hoops to get them back later. Go on back to that home where your wife poured scalding grease down your back and wait, ok? Everything will seem different in the morning.'

Sure, there are “men’s shelters” but those places are primarily used by addicted or mentally ill indigents and the services provided there are poorly suited to men suffering abuse or to children. Those places simply weren’t designed to meet those needs. They’re overcrowded, poorly funded and poorly managed, and often, the men we saw who went to those places were robbed, beaten and abused just badly as they were in the homes they were trying to escape.

Very recently though, our shelter opened a men’s wing. Since then every bed has been full, every single night. EVERY BED. EVERY NIGHT. We’ve already doubled legal and psychological support staff and there’s still more help needed. And more and more men keep coming. 

To be clear, ours is a crisis center. In order to qualify for residence there, one must be a guardian to at least one child, and there has to be physical abuse that has been documented by doctors AND police. These aren’t lazy or drama queening dudes who just want someplace to crash because they’ve been fighting with their partners. These are men who are being battered and their children harmed and who have absolutely no place left to run.

If you think that women are incapable of abusing men as profoundly as men abuse women…I can introduce you to some people who will change your mind. Like the guy who came in with glass in his scalp and cheek from where his wife ground a broken drinking glass into his face - for the second time. Or the one who was drugged to sleep and then raped with a zucchini by his girlfriend, who filmed the entire thing and shared it with her friends. Or the one who had his knee broken by a baseball bat when he came home and told his girlfriend he’d been fired. Or the one who set on fire because his wife thought he was cheating on him. Yeeahh, these guys should just man up and fight back right? Or maybe they deserved it somehow? (Pardon me while I puke.)

Regardless of what you think about the patriarchy, the domestic abuse suffered by men is real, and there is a very real deficit in social support resources for men who suffer that abuse.  

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Friendly reminder that Mary Shelley only codified tropes seen in most SciFi today; she did NOT “invent” the genre. :)

What does it mean to “codify a trope”? Genuine question.























Not every…

OP is a woman. She does not speak for all women but neither do you.

This is ultimately a matter of cultural norms, expectations and preference, and whether or not men should risk talking to anyone on the street in any way, not “rights.”

But please don’t generally impose an ideological meaning to a situation that wasn’t there.

Black patriarchy is black churches and holding up the “respectability” of certain black men at all costs. Kindof a false equivalent to white patriarchy and how interactions on the street play into that.

There are reasons for black men’s problematic behavior toward women in this context that I don’t think are reducible to simply them feeling “entitled” or women “owing” them something. Such an frameing reflects a profound failure to understand men’s conditions that make it a problem for him to behave in any other way.

And I don’t think we should preceded without a definition of “harassment.” It’s way too loose. Is it an action done or something you feel? You can’t make moral judgements of someone else’s actions based purely on how you react to something. You’re not describing what he did, you’re describing how you felt about it. And demonizing the behavior. Assuming he’s not in a gang yelling at a woman at night, or out of a moving car, or is pursuing her, etc.

OP is referring to something like “hi, I like your hair” and moving on.
I do this, and similar things to men and women.
Yes, that is ACTUALLY a compliment. No one’s obligated to respond positively or at all, but that’s different in saying I did something wrong for saying so. But if that’s harassment, then in what context is it ever okay to talk to people ever? Don’t tell me when it’s not okay, tell me when it IS okay.

Is it possible he did nothing wrong but you still feel bad about the situation? Of course he should leave you alone after that without making you be bad guy.

But holding men up to radical feminist standards of appropriate behavior (internally incoherent), is kinda white supremacist as it’s historically rooted on this notion of white women’s sexual purity/respectability that’s robbed or threatened by any man’s interest. Or holding up the phallus as inherently a weapon/insult against women’s humanity. (rooted in that other notion.) Of course there was a time when it was in black women’s respectability to the larger culture so what men would stop sexually attacking them with impunity. (as “rape” was defined as removal of a woman’s sexuality “purity” and black women had none by their standards.)

This pedestalization of female sexuality is what I believe SOME black men are put off by when they call some women “stuck up.” (Though they should respect her boundaries regardless of the reason without insulting her for having them because he really CAN’T know why she reacted as she did and that’s presumptuous on his part.)

Our cultural norms and learned intuitions  very often follow through with this, what I believe to be, oppressive ideology.


I’m just curious as to why instead of putting the blame on a culture that bestows paranoia upon an underprivileged gender, people show their frustration towards said gender who has a mistrust towards the privileged in question. It comes off as entitlement because of being cultivated into feeling that you owe a response from someone you are attracted to. It happens to the best of us, but it becomes problematic when you pretend to not know why women aren’t always opened to speaking to men. I hardly doubt most women say, “Ah! Rape!” when a man “compliments” them on their hair. It is the same logic as using the “race card” accusation No underprivileged person does that especially the risk they have to take by uttering such a claim. We all know that does more of a harm towards the accuser than the defendant.

   And due to survival instincts, women can detect the intent in one’s tone when they “compliment” them. I know when men are simply telling me I look nice and which ones are leering or looking for a person to sleep with (which I am not interested). People can say thank you and keep on walking. However, there are men who do not take hints and keep pushing themselves onto women. It also shows insensitivity towards women who suffer from social anxiety or introverted behavior. Or worse, those who can’t really say “no” because of fear of being rude.

  I have had men ask to talk to me, and I reluctantly let them because of not knowing what else to say other than walking away. And when I do that, I think about it for hours or even days. The OP was limited and deduced the psyche of women to simple “rudeness” and “unfriendly” behavior. The OP is basically whining, “I like men, so all women should trust them too!” What white women feel towards white men is similar to how black women feel towards black men. Again, the only white supremacist notion I see here is black men using that defense to scorn black women for not stopping to say “hello.” This is not a case of some young black man walking past an old lady offering to hold her bags or walk her across the street and her clutching her purse in fear. This is a case of a lone woman being accosted by a man she does not know and being expected to speak to him.

 The stuck up accusation many black men use upon black women comes from the idea that they believe black women are automatically designed for them, and those who refuse their advances is automatically “too good” for them. As if to say, “How dare this black bitch act like she has options!” There will always be subconscious entitlement no matter how it is presented. People can bring up white supremacy and people’s aversion towards black men without covering up legitimate wariness black women have towards men of their own cultural surroundings. If this was not a culture based upon rape and the woman being the object for men due to gender roles, there wouldn’t be cases where women aren’t willing to hold conversations with men they do not know from the streets. That is a reality men themselves need to fix. Since they are the privileged gender, they need to evaluate the modernized culture they constructed in the first place. Women also need to have a hand in that as well, but it will always be the oppressors’ responsibility first. 

1) Women are HALF the culture. I can’t criticize the culture without criticizing the role women play in perpetuating it. .

2) That’s Christianity for ya’. But other than that I wouldn’t speak authoritatively on a POV that isn’t their own.

3) Women (black or white) are not unilaterally underprivileged. Men (black or white) are not unilaterally privileged.
Not not in the same white people are unilaterally privileged over black people. Whites are not systemically harmed in any way, not like men are.

So… the theoretical basis of this statement is WAY off and is based in radical feminist ideology. Try again.


That’s internalized misogyny for ya. Just like there are Uncle Toms, internalized homophobes, ect. I am still gonna put 2/3s of the responsibility onto those who are on top of the pyramid. To act like women came up with those rules is passing the buck for men’s own behavior. It also skates around patriarchy. And as I said, the OP wants to not blame men who create rape culture in the first place, thus causing paranoia in women, but is demanding women to be more “trusting” of strangers they do not know. As I said, the responsibility in how a group perceives another is based off of those in power. There are women who perpetuate problems in society out of survival or again, internalized misogyny which comes from men. So if we’re gonna say women perpetuate these problems, it also needs to be stated why that is. Women didn’t come up with these roles themselves. I bet you if it was vice versa, the world would be much different. Therefore, the original sin is more to blame than those who blindly follow. Through society, women are subordinate to men whether they are directly affected by it or not. There are black people personally more privileged than white people, but I am talking from a societal and institutional structure. Lastly, I’m still sticking to my original point that the OP’s argument is too limited and punctured to even consider. 

I’m talking about structure too. There are things men  (black men especially) are systemically harmed by in ways that women aren’t or aren’t affected by in the same degree. This isn’t “patriarchy backfiring,” it’s the very engine of it.

Your analysis is basic as hell, there’s no “men as a class” or “woman as a class” even within a group because gender doesn’t work like ethnicity/race or economic class. Stop drawing a false equivalence. Woman and black are not the same thing. Man and white are not the same thing.

You are less at risk in certain ways because you are a woman, certain things will be harder because you’re a woman. Systemically. By design. Not by accident.

Enough with the radical feminism. Applying problematic white radical feminism to black people is still problematic, ultimately white radical feminism.
Enough with accusing women who disagree with you to have “internalized misogyny.” Comparing her to an Uncle Tom?

Can you even hear yourself?

Anyway, can you please address anything I said?


I mean, you can throw in points I never made. You can also add in things I never even implied. I’m pretty sure my points have been clear and very thorough. Also you are wrong about black men being under risks women are not because guess what, there is more to womanhood than whiteness. You mean white women. However, black women, Muslim women, Indian women, Asian women, Latino women, ect. are at risk for violence, discrimination, rape, and racism not just for their gender, but race. So what black and other moc face, woc facce it tenfold. It’s common knowledge. Women like me in particular face plights because we are Black Women, not women. Woc are not immune from risks unless they are white, light-skinned, or conform to Eurocentrism and feminine standards. Do you not realize how basic and 1D your stance sounds. Only white, cis, straight, or light-skinned women can have their femininity used as barriers to exempt them from dangers in a male-centric society. 

 Your points tend to be along the lines of, “Women should be nice to men because they don’t know if they’re going to be raped or not.” That was the original argument I countered. You tend to be inconsiderate over survival instincts and those who have the right to not partake in interaction with people they see as a threat because you’re worried it can potentially harm gender roles for men themselves. Because the logic is, “Yes, I’m for some of women’s rights, but that’s until they step over the boundaries of men that cause them to take responsibility.”  I didn’t call the OP an internalized misogynistic. She is, however, naive and not experienced nor educated about the fundamentals of rape culture. And since the idea of an Uncle Tom is a black man or woman who is subservient to white supremacy under anti-blackness, that type of definition can be applied towards any subordinate person or group to a higher ranking in society. You said it yourself, there are women who contribute to misogyny and gender roles, and that falls under the line of internalized misogyny. I suppose you will use Thatcher as an example of a woman in position of power when it was her assimilation and tactics in a patriarchal government that influenced her structure.

"So what black and other moc face, woc facce it tenfold. It’s common knowledge"

Obviously you don’t know the numbers and how it’s systemic along race and gender.
If you died 10 times the number MOC died we’d be extinct.

And I never said what women aught or aught not do.


*sighs* Not here for ad hominem. I hope you realize I am talking about the vulnerability woc have more than moc. Moc are not more vulnerable to plights than persons who are both brown and female.  It’s almost as if you’re implying the trope that “men work harder/men have it harder,” which is erroneous. You know good and well woc have faced racism, colorism, sexism, violence, transphobia, transmisogyny, homophobia, ableism, and discrimination worse than moc due to intersectionality of their gender. And that still does not respond to the statistics of the mass deaths of woc to the hands of moc in their communities. Nor does it answer why moc have male privilege over woc, because you know if a white man had the opportunity between a black man or black woman, it’d be the black man. So I am questioning if you fully understand the structure between woc and moc.






At the same time, there’s more women than men struggling in poverty.


I KNOW POOR BLACK WOMEN ARE KILLED BY THEIR PARTNERS AT HIGH RATES, but the number still a much lower number than murdered black men.

But the problems are very closely related though as the same same social/cultural/structural forces that victimizers of black women are also victimize other men.

But that’s something I try to work on here too. The cause of that.









Just remember. There is no such thing as a fake geek girl.
There are only fake geek boys.
Science fiction was invented by a woman.


Specifically a teenage girl. You know, someone who would be a part of the demographic that some of these boys are violently rejecting.

Isaac Asimov.

yo mary shelley wrote frankenstein in 1818 and isaac asimov was born in 1920 so you kinda get my point

I am going to actually SCREAM if I see this post one more time with people claiming that Mary Shelley invented science fiction. She did NOT create the DAMN genre.

She is credited with creating/codifying the Mad Scientist Archetype and writing, occasionally, the first English language science fiction novel. But go ahead. Some little white American teenage girl created the entire genre. It’s not like her work is ACTUALLY considered a Gothic piece of work that incorporated science as a plot device.

I just…. You all DO realize that science fiction has been around since humans were able to think about the future? That the roots can be traced be to most ancient civilizations? I just. STOP. Does that even SOUND right to you?

No no, history is very simple and all humans other than those I intimately know are always one-dimensional.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 1870.

Have MRA’s actually ever done anything to help male victims of rape and sexual abuse? Have they ever raised funds, opened shelters, petitioned for a change in the law etc? Or have they just whined about feminists failing to do these things?



It’s especially annoying that I work at my local rape crisis centre helping women AND men who have been raped and yet apparently being a feminist means I don’t care about male victims.

They worked with C.A.F.E to raise funds for a boys and men’s shelter in Canada. it was recently opened. It’s called he Canadian Center for Men and Families.

A.V.F.M. was raising funds for The Earl Silverman Center. After the money was essentially stolen, they withdrew support and asked people to stop donating.  They are currently looking into other options for fundraising.

No shave November or Movember is an awareness campaign for men’s health issues.

As far as trying to get a law changed? It’s almost a laughable prospect. Members of the MRM can’t even get together to hold a public talk without feminists showing up in droves to protest the very concept that men have problems. Going as far pull fire alarms in an effort to silence them.

I mean how much do you expect them to accomplish when a welll funded and organized campaign is hell bent on shutting down the conversation, and demonizing it’s members.

I mean even this post of yours, I’m not sure if you are sincerely wondering, or making a jab at how useless you think they are.. to further belittle the movement.

Didn’t Earl Silverman kill himself because he was consistently refused public funding for his shelter?

Meanwhile, this post would have you believe that what all feminists ever do is volunteer/work at/donate to victim’s shelters…


I’m sick of this idea that if you are white, you won’t be subject to violence or murder.

The statistic that this references is generic — “crime” — yet the impression the graphic and the commentary try to give you is that it’s violent crime.


I’m sick of this idea that if you are white, you won’t be subject to violence or murder.

The statistic that this references is generic — “crime” — yet the impression the graphic and the commentary try to give you is that it’s violent crime.

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Reason why I’m against feminism






feminism is the enemy