When Percy Harvin bodyslams a teammate he gets traded to another team for a sixth round draft pick.

When Alfonzo Dennard assaults police officer (albeit, before he got drafted into the NFL) and has a DUI, he’s able to serve his jail sentence during the deadest part of the NFL offseason.

When Ray Rice hit a strong independent woman who needs a man as much as she needs a bicycle, his contract is terminated and he gets an indefinite ban from the NFL – because we live in a society that privileges men and hates women.


It’s a dictionary….

Not a Bible…

Anonymous said: Um Question Sorry, i dont mean to sound idiotic or anything I kind of identify as a feminist, and I support male rights and complete equality. but now i see so much hatefulness and whatnot everywhere, I'm not sure what to identify as? Because i dont want to be thought of as someone whos crazy and hates all men, but rather someone who supports equality for all. Do you know any words that would kind of imply that?

Maybe try to avoid labels altogether? And engage on specific issues through thoughtful arguments?

Sorry, I tried answering this a few weeks ago, and found this sitting in my drafts folder.

Anonymous said: Idk where you got your information but the number one threat to women is men. There are more woman murdered in the US than victims of terrorism and soldiers combined

Ever bother to ask yourself where you get those bs stats?

There used to be a granular tool at wsj.com that could tell you how many asian women were murdered by hispanic men in the USA in 2008 (for example). Alas, that tool is now offline, but an fbi source tells us that approximately 1,600 women were murdered by men in 2012. Compare that to some 40,000 total deaths from suicide in the USA (about 1/4th being women), or 33,000 combined deaths from car accidents, or the 43,000 women who die from breast cancer per year. So as you can see, women in the United States are quite safe when it comes to falling victim to murder, and you if you think women should be afraid of men are a particular, they should be a LOT more worried about getting killed in car accident.

Also, please don’t bother me with arbitrary, cherry-picked comparisons to vague shit like “terrorism”, casualties suffered by a superior force in a limited scale conflict, number of deaths during the French Revolution, etc.

Anonymous said: on that post about free bras, pads, ect., i disagree. pads and tampons should be free because they're necessary for feminine hygiene, and birth control should be free just like condoms even if they are shitty. i would rather have shitty tampons than bleed in my underwear. toilet paper should be free too, because they're necessary for hygiene and they're something we use just to throw away. i think this blog makes a lot of valid points, but i don't think that was one.

Should toothbrushes and soap also be free, since they are a necessity as well? What about food? I’m not arguing about whether they shouldn’t or shouldn’t be, but about how you would draw the line for what is or isn’t a necessity. Are the proponents of free menstrual products willing to take this idea to its (non-gendered) logical conclusion?

And I don’t think condoms are as available for free as people make it seem. What percentage of condoms that are consumed in the USA are subsidized for the user? My guess is that this percentage is very small.

Anonymous said: Gendered graphics on onesies for babies is the villainous doing of the Hetero-normative Patriarchy. Thought you might be amused to know that. There's a post lamenting the 'sexualization' of infants with onesies that say 'chicks dig chubby dudes' and 'I'm waiting for my stud muffin' or something along those lines. Unconfirmed Deity knows a parent dressing their infant in clothes they find funny or cute is going to ruin the kid emotionally for the rest of xir life.

I responded to this last week but I guess my reply didn’t get posted. In short, I don’t really like when parents put offensive tshirts on their children, but I I would place the blame solely on the parents.


I agree with this 0.00%.






mens rights activist are such jokes


  1. Child dies in hospital after circumcision
  2. Baby dies after going unconscious during circumcision
  3. Healthy newborn dies after circumcision
  4. Newborn bleeds to death after circumcision
  5. 9 day…

I don’t promote hate against those things because it’s very good they are are there for people in need but that doesn’t change the fact that men have more rights then women in the same way that white people have more rights then people of color so maybe instead of men’s rights activist people can think of a better name that doesn’t employ that men are oppressed also I just liked to say the majority of problems (the higher suicide rate) is caused by the patriarchy backfiring on men

In the developed world, what rights do men have that women don’t? Because I could name several rights that women have that men don’t.

You compare racial issues to gender issues—these two things are wildly different. Let me ask you a question: When has white privilege ever ever “backfired” on white people? 

Professional sports. There are proportionally fewer white people. ^_^






Hercules is a 900-pound-heavy, 6-feet-tall and 12-feet-long liger who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cat. Born from a lion father and tiger mother, Hercules grew into an impressive creature, able to run at speeds of up to 50 mph and eat 100 pounds of food in one sitting. Despite his gigantic size, Hercules is very tame and Dr. Bhagavan, one of the liger’s caretakers, says looking into his eyes is “like looking into God’s own eyes”. (Source)

Is he really, really big?

I’m not sure I buy that this poor suffering creature can run 50 mph, but even if he can’t do that, he should also probably not be eating 100lbs of meat in one sitting. IF that’s something he can actually do (because color me skeptical) it’d probably be a pretty big reason why he’s that ungodly fat.

The other reason is that ligers lack a growth inhibitor gene because of their parentage, meaning their poor bodies don’t know when to stop growing, meaning they do indeed become giants. As it turns out, being a giant isn’t good for you.

Giant humans often have drastically shorter life spans due to painful bone disorders and cardiac problems (imagine if you suddenly got twice as big as you are now but your heart stayed more or less the same size) and their bodies work really hard to just be normal. It can lead to chronic pain, spinal deformities, heart problems and even poor vision.

He’s being slowly choked to death by his own over-functioning pituitary gland.

I did not know this, wow. Thanks for the information. I couldn’t find much on Hercules. 

Damn dude if he’s 6 foot ball then that chick is tall as fuck

*Trying to think of a clever comment about cat-calling*

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